Strawberry Oatmeal Recipe

Strawberry Oatmeal Recipe

 This Recipe Make You Fresh Mode Let's See It:

This oatmeal is completely chocolatey and it simplest took regarding ten minutes to organize. The serving size is kind of large and it saved American state feeling full and happy till lunch period. I used vi strawberries and located that to be good. next time, i'll cut them into smaller parts to form the final texture a piece larger uniform. I endorse tasting the oats ahead of you add the strawberries. i ended up stirring during a single additional tablespoon of sugar to urge the balance between the cocoa and therefore the sweetness good. bottom Line: I appreciated it. it absolutely was swish. i am going to build it once more. (This formula was submitted in February 2015. It become tested and photographed in August 2015.)

half of cup short-immediately oats
    dash salt
 half cup milk
 half cup water
 half teaspoon flavoring
 a pair of teaspoons sugar (barely rounded)
 four heaping teaspoons cocoa
 four to six strawberries

Slice strawberries into tiny parts. integrate oats, salt, milk, and riparian right into a microwave-secure bowl. heat for ninety seconds (or longer, reckoning on microwave speed). remove, and add vanilla, sugar and cocoa. Stir nicely. Microwave for an additional minute, stirring at 30-second intervals, till thickened as desired. transfer strawberries and stir nicely.

This swish, chocolatey oatmeal provides you heart-wholesome oats with the flavour satisfaction of a fun course.

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