How to make creamy oatmeal recipe

creamy oatmeal recipe

half of cup short oats
 1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup milk
    sprint salt
 two packets of Splenda
    cinnamon (to taste)

that is nearly as short to form as oatmeal from a packet and it tastes higher. i found it became specially sensible with barely of milk and a number of sliced pecans. I used one Tablespoon of sugar rather than the Splenda and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon that I mixed in with the oats instead of together with it sort of a garnish. i discovered that it had a nice sweetness with the minimum amount of sugar, however some folks may discover that it wants additional - that is simple enough to feature at the stop. My final verdict: I favored this oatmeal terribly tons. It took 2 minutes to organize and so I smiled for six minutes as I Greek deity it. (This instruction become submitted in Sep 2014. It became examined and photographed in Gregorian calendar month 2014.)

how to build Creamy  Oatmeal (in the Microwave)

placed oats, water, milk, salt, and Splenda during a microwave-secure bowl. heat for 1-2 minutes (relying in your microwave speed. delay from microwave and stir.

warmth for extra 30-2d intervals, stirring when every one, till thickened as desired.

Sprinkle munificently with cinnamon.

observe From instruction Submitter:

make certain to use only a small dash of salt. in the other case, the salt can do away with the sweetness of the Splenda, and not style fascinating with the cinnamon.

when created with skim or 1 Chronicles milk, this oatmeal only has regarding 200 energy. it's conjointly bigger filling than the instantly oatmeal packets.

A two hundred calorie, microwave oatmeal that produces use of a mixture of milk and water to cook the oats so they need most thickness.

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